Searching for a new car is not an easy task, but now car hunting is an easier process eversince Google is around. Most people do not realize that the search is never ended after you got your new car. There are tons of things you will be searching for after collected your car, below are some of the top few priority tasks you need to prepare.

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Search for a community
Join a car club and meet some new friends and exchange valuable information about your car and all things related to your car and have many “teh tarik” session, envoy session and solo and family indoor and outdoor event. Birds of the same feather flock together, remember these words and they are so true.

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Look for the nearest service center
You do not want to drive 20KM just to service your car, your time is more precious than this. You not only locate your authorized service center but any service center that service your car and good at it when emergency strike.

Look for a good car tinted brand
Not all car tinted brand is good for you and not all expensive brand that fit your requirement or your car requirement. Car tinted film has a life span and it effectiveness deteriorate faster is expose under the sun for a long period.

Rust proofing system
Many car manufacturers claimed their car has rust proof treatment, but just to be safe search your car model which part of your car been rush proof treated. Most people I met has personally sent their car for tar bottom coating treatment, it not only prevent rust from forming because of our wet climate and also a good sound insulation system against our road system.

Car insulation system
The high-end car has better insulation system than lower end car, it’s a fact. No worry many car detailing and car accessory shops are ready to provide sound and heat insulation services.

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Tight up with your selected petrol station or brand
You need to find out which petrol run best with your car. Some of you might think this is a myth but every car is manufactured and tested using a specific brand of petrol and the published technical reading is tested using a specific petrol, your car engine will last longer if your found the best fit.

These are some major task you need to look into after getting your new car. There are still many unfinished searches ahead but that will be other tips for another a day.

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