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CARPUT is a roadside assistance mobile application that connects drivers with trusted roadside professionals who will come and get you and your car safely back on the road as efficiently as they can.

CARPUT offers services such as on-site battery replacement, flat tyre replacement, tow-truck services and will even rush to your aid if you’ve run out of petrol.

Comprising of the core team of Eugene Tan, Ezra Tay, Mark Chew and Mike Kee – they are seeking to improve the automotive assistance industry in Malaysia.

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Ever been stuck behind the driver’s wheel unable to start your car? CARPUT wants to help drivers get back on the road quickly and safely. What initially started out as a website ( spun another idea. The automotive industry is a huge market, and the use of mobile technology is basically non existent.

Thus, the CARPUT app came along. We envisioned an easier, quicker, safer and more transparent environment for a driver to call for help when your car breaks down. Instead of being limited to just car battery problems and jump-starts, CARPUT has expanded its roadside assistance services to spare tyre replacements, towing and petrol delivery – when you run out of petrol. If Grab/Uber is the app for people who don’t drive, then CARPUT is the app for people who do.

CARPUT currently runs from 7AM to 11PM and services the Klang Valley region and looking at key cities in Malaysia such as Penang & Johor as future expansion plans. A 24 Hour service is also in the pipeline.

CARPUT Professionals are the frontliners and pride and joy of the company. They have been successfully instilled with the customer-first culture and they carry these values throughout the job. Known for friendliness, transparency and reliability, CARPUT is committed to get you back on the road.


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