Finding CarKaki
Getting a new car is definitely an enjoyable experience especially if it’s the first time you own a new car. The feeling of collecting your car key is the most memorable moment in my entire life, expressed by the founder of

What would you do after driving your car home? Planning on beautifying and rev up your new car, in order to impress your family, colleagues and most importantly, your ego self

Too Much Irrelevant Information
You will look for information related to the most luminance head lights, heat and noise insulation, shining alloy rim, leather cover, engine enhancer, audio & video systems, tinting, visor and so on. There are tons of information on the web and millions of listings, but just not what you are looking for.

Some of the websites are not local, some not even updated for years and many have since wind up their business. At the end, you will feel very disappointed and give up your search.

The founding of CarKaki

This frustration has encouraged us to look for a niche solution on the web, where everything you look for to enhance your car, should be in one place, and that is The objective of is to bring all Car Detailing Centres, Car Service Centres, Accessory Shop & Car Dealers in one location to ease the search for all car enthusiast and provide a platform for them to search, compare, review & to gather useful information in order to beautify their precious car.

Carkaki website was officially launched to the public on April Fool Day so that this joke can be remembered by all the founders. Currently, the website only cover listing in Klang Valley with hundred of listings mainly covering of Detailing Centres, Workshops, Accessories Shops and Dealers.

The main features is an online marketplace to discover the best car service providers in Klang Valley. We help car owners to find the nearest car detailing centres, service centres, accessories shops and dealers around them.

Whether you are looking for a car wash, polish, coating, maintenance, repair, window tinting, spare parts, accessories or dealership, connects you to hundreds of trusted service providers in Klang Valley. You can compare, review and gather useful insight before contacting the service providers, and this is the main features.

All listing is carefully selected and filtered and provide details information of location, contact and service provided with additional information like a review, social sharing and ratings by the customers.

Besides call and email, we also include the messaging feature to communicate with the service providers Facebook messaging for inquiry and follow-up on their services. The customer can read the review, watch the demo video and service photos to have confident if their service quality.

Service providers are welcome to claim or to create a new listing and post all their services in this easy to use website with videos & photos to promote their services to the public and currently there are no charges imposed for this service.

We will keep on enhancing and add in new features to provide excellent user experience to both users and service providers. Some of the enhancement already in the pipeline are deals and packages features in service provider listing and more e-commerce features soon.

For further inquiry, please contact us at [email protected]