If you are the rightful manager of the listing on CarKaki, you can claim the listing as your own. It’s FREE and a great way to engage with CarKaki community.

Why claim your listing?

  • Update important information such as description, address, contact number, email, website, social media and etc.
  • Respond to the reviews submitted by the CarKaki community
  • Add photos and video

How to claim?

Click on the “Own this business” link.

Register an account by filling in your email and password. If possible, put the same email listed on the listing.

Fill in the additional information that can help us to verify your ownership and then click submit.

For faster verification process, use the email or phone number listed in the listing to contact us.

  • Send a SMS using that phone number to 014-6465386 OR
  • Send an email using that email address to [email protected]

That’s it! We will approve your claim once it is proven that you are the manager of the listing.