Window tinting is not just merely a fashion statement for your car. When car owners does not understand how different type of window film works, it can be a bit of a challenge to choose the most appropriate film.
Almost all car manufacturers does not tint brand new cars’ window but it is an accessory that you should have for your car. Without a tint, your car looks and feels like an aquarium and it can be dangerous.

What are the benefits of window tinting? Here’s a list of 5 top reasons.

1) Blocks harmful UV rays

Window tint acts like a sunblock for your car’s interior. Your car’s upholstery will fade, tear or severely damaged without any protection from the sun. UV rays are the main cause of accelerated aging and window tinting will help protect your delicate skin against chronic skin problems.

2) Fight the heat

A good tint helps reduce your car cabin’s temperature. The heat from the sun can be crazy especially during mid-day in Malaysia but with a window tint, you don’t have to wind down all your windows every time you get into your car that is parked without any shade.

3) Accidents are less dangerous

Like your smart phone’s screen protector, the window tint covers the entire pane of your glass. In the event of an accident and your glass breaks, the tint will hold the shattered glass together reducing the risk of shards flying towards the passengers.

4) Privacy

You don’t have to stress about hiding your valuables in your car all the time. It can be risky to have your belongings out on your car seat or dashboard. Remember, out of sight, out of mindbut in a good way.

5) It looks cool

Dark car windows are undeniably appealing and sleek. It makes your car looks much more stylish.


Types of window tint

There are so many types of auto window tint available in the market. It’s not that hard to differentiate how each type of window film works and how it can suit your lifestyle.

Dyed window tinting

Perfect for the budget-savvy, dyed auto window tinting is relatively inexpensive yet can effectively block sunlight. When it comes to the level of heat reduction and UV protection, this film is not as efficient compared to other type of films. If you want privacy, this is the type of film you would want.

Metalized Window Tinting

Metalized auto window tinting filters out heat by reflecting it and would not fade easily. The particles embedded are invisible to naked eyes but as a film it endows a distinct shine to your windows. It is remarkable for its durability, effective glare reduction and efficient UV blocking qualities.

Hybrid Window Tinting

A combination of both dye and metallic particles, it offers the advantages of both while reducing the negative aspects. Titanium and grey dye is a common combination that’s neither too dark nor too reflective.

Crystalline Window Tinting

If you want to tint your car windows but really do not prefer the darker films, then a crystalline auto window tinting is the best choice. There will seem to be no sort of tint whatsoever installed, yet you still gain excellent protection against ultraviolet radiations and solar heat.

Ceramic Window Tinting

Ceramic films are regarded for providing high-quality, high-performance tinting. Made of ceramic particles, it exhibits non-conductive properties while blocking up to 50% of solar heat and up to 99% of UV rays from entering your car’s interiors. It is still relatively new to the market so it may be more expensive.

So now you have learned the benefits of car window tint and different types of tint. Are you ready to get it installed on your car? Let’s check out the popular car tinting shops in Klang Valley.


There will be no more unregulated tint films when all window tinting on newly-registered vehicles will be required to adhere to the new MS2669 standard set by the Department of Standards Malaysia from Jan 1.

The new films will come with QR Code Security labels and enforcement officers need only scan the code using the compatible phone app to get its full specifications.

The QR code feature, however, will only come with the new MS2669-certified tints which are expected to be available at AAA-registered outlets before January 2018. The feature will be available to all consumers free of charge.

For current car users, as long as your car tint’s minimum permissible visible light transmission levels (VLT) comply with the rules, you do not need to change your tinting.

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