Serv is a local start-up that is starting to get the limelight.  It was founded in November 2016 by Arief Imran, Hasli Ayob, and Hazim Nordin.  Matching to their tagline “Car Service Anywhere”, what’s interesting about Serv is that it acts as a platform for mobile car services.  The company, which based in Cyberjaya is built to ease the urban workers from the hassle in getting their car service.  Serv would act as a medium to link the mechanics to the customers.


The idea first came when the founders realised most urban workers have limited or no time to worry about their car.  They usually ended up leaving their car unmaintained and in poor condition.  Besides, the thought of sending cars to the workshop or service centre and the waiting time always seemed troublesome for them.


Furthermore, most urban workers have limited knowledge about cars, giving them fear of getting lied about things related to cars at the workshop.  Serv are also engaging towards lady drivers as they have lots of issues when going to the workshop.  Hence, Serv come out with an idea to cancel the need of going to the workshop for car service by bringing the mechanics to the customers.


The main questions now are whether the mechanics are reliable and does the quality of service are affected due to the lack of equipment considering the mechanics will be on mobile.  So, Serv decided to tackle this situation by thoroughly screen the Serv Partner to ensure that the mechanics had experience in the car servicing industry.


Serv are also actively partnering up with automotive colleges to make sure that they have enough supply of certified mechanics.  In terms of controlling the quality of the services, all Serv Partners are required to follow the standard of procedure of car service prepared by Serv.


At the moment, Serv main focus of service is engine oil change and they are planning to provide other services alongside the main service at times throughout the development.  Thus, they are currently busy trying to ensure that they have sufficient supply of Serv Partner to cater the customers demand for each respective area before offering services like breakdown service.


Another interesting fact about Serv is that it operated on share economy concept where they did not have any in-house mechanic. This allow them to provide entrepreneurship opportunities to anyone that has experienced in car servicing. Besides that, it offers flexibility for Serv Partner as they can work based on their own preferences and act as a good platform for them to earn income.


Operating daily, the Serv Partner will come to you to suit your convenience, be it at your home, office or restaurant. The way it works is very simple, all you need to do is book their services, providing them information regarding your car and location.  Subsequently, you will receive the Serv Partner estimated time of arrival and price quote of the booked service.  Once arrived, Serv Partner would service your car exclusively.  Every service comes with 22 free inspection points and recommendation for repair would be notified to the customer if necessary.


More than 200 services done, Serv is currently operating through their mobile app and website at Customer can now book a service with just a few taps. Serv is currently focusing in the Klang Valley, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya and planning to expand to other major cities in Malaysia soon. They also look forward to reaching out to the neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and Philippines.


Selected to be one of the Top 60 start-ups for MaGIC Global Accelerator Program 2017, Serv team is excited about the company growth journey. At the moment, they are still gathering potential investors to boost the growth of the company.  Serv are growing steadily phase by phase and with the launch of the mobile app last September has help to gather more attention to them.




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