Ceramic Pro is a revolutionary leader in ceramic coatings. Using nano-technology, we are able to achieve long lasting durability and higher performance compared to the traditional glass coating largely used within the industry. It is what sets us apart from the competition as no other coating comes close to matching Ceramic Pro. But don’t just take our word for it…


All our products have gone through rigorous testing and inspection by SGS, giving you the quality assurance you deserve. So what differentiates us from other coating vendors in the market?

  • 9H certified with SGS lab test verification
  • Ceramic Pro uses spray coating compared with the conventional hand application used for glass coating. This ensures an even coating across all surfaces and eliminates any risk of patches or uneven tones.
  • We adopt a 3-step polish procedure to remove any imperfections prior to coating the surface with Ceramic Pro. This eliminates the chances of swirls, fine scratches, watermarks and holograms.
  • We use only the finest detailing tools, fully imported from Italy.

Finally, all Ceramic Pro products are treated with a multi layered coating of our unique formula and has been fully verified by SGS lab test reports as illustrated below. Many of our competitors within the industry have made similar claims but are unable to support this with such lab test reports as those conducted by SGS.

SGS Lab Report

With Ceramic Pro, you can be confident in a world-renown brand, one which is able to live up to the high standards our consumers expect. Our passion, attention to detail and growing international market presence has led us to become the number one nano-ceramic coating for paint and surface protection. To date, Ceramic Pro has stretched its global market share across 80 countries with over 5000 satisfied applicators vouching for our products globally.

Within the Malaysian market alone, over 95% of the coating brands have been predominantly imported from countries such as China, Taiwan and Korea, leading to indecisiveness from consumers who are seeking to identify the best brand for them and their needs. Ceramic Pro makes that decision a simple one. With a large array of products and services to suit every need, it’s a one stop shop when it comes to paint and surface protection.

Head over to Google, Youtube, FB or Instagram and you’ll discover a wealth of information about us. Don’t forget to visit us at www.ceramicpro.com.my and find out more information on Ceramic Pro and why Nanotechnology as a lifestyle is what makes us number one!!

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