grounding your car electric systems

One of the most overlooked automotive enhancement is the grounding of the electric system and components. However, a properly grounded electrical system is vital to the performance of your vehicle. Without a good ground, your ignition system will underperform, you’ll experience random issues with charging, and you can easily end up stranded.

The benefits of grounding electric system are as follows:
Stabilised electric currents
Torque is the power generated by the motor is proportional to the amount of current flowing through the motor. A stable current will provide a higher source of voltage with lower electrical resistance, this gives higher torque hence more power to your car.

Lesser jerking
Some car will loose power when the air-conditioning kicks in and you will notice your car lights deem within a second. Grounding provides efficient current to all major electrical components and balances out the power usage for components that power hungry like air-conditioning.

Improve fuel consumption
When the stable current improve the power consumption and increase the effectiveness of motor power output, it naturally help your car fuel consumption

Reduce static shock
Static electricity is produced when two material rub against each other, causing a build up of electrical charges. When you on the ride in your car, both you and your car produce the electrical charge. The discharge will happen when your finger touches the metal door, and zap! A properly grounded car can reduce or totally eliminate this from happen.

Better audio quality
Car audio system is sensitive towards static current. Car audio receiver needs to be securely grounded, and normally the grounding is the car body or chassis and a good quality grounding reduce static and current leakage which at the same time improve the quality of your audio system.

In terms of good quality wiring, you need to use at least 10MM Gauge Wire for the body ground. Finally, your wire needs to be insulated to ensure the wire will not deteriorate due to heat and moisture. The Car Grounding kit is available in most of the accessory shop listed here.

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